About Us

Midstate Spring has been manufacturing precision springs and wire forms since 1939. While our technology has changed, our commitment to superior quality and service remains. We have learned lessons from our past, but we are not stuck in it.

Our Past

Our Present

The Midstate Invisible Partner Initiative:

In 2008, Midstate launched our Invisible Partner initiative focused on meeting the changing service needs of our customers. It all begins with quality and on-time as a given.

From there, you decide how transparent you want us to be. If you know exactly what parts you need and when, then we will remain invisible and out of your inbox. On the rare occasion that additional service is required, we will be responsive and prompt.

If you are constantly dealing with changing orders and designs, you may prefer a more visible hands-on approach. Here, we will combine our spring expertise with your knowledge of your applications to determine the ideal spring solutions for your company.


We are the Manufacturer’s Association of Central New York June 2015 Member Focus.

Midstate Spring is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer.