Our Products

Our Capabilities:

Midstate manufactures round-wire springs with the following wire sizes:

  Compression Extension Torsion Wire Form Ring
Min Wire .0016" .0016" .0016" .0016" .0016"
Max Wire .437" .234" .234" .250" .437"

We are happy to fulfill order sizes ranging from a one-piece prototype to millions of pieces.

Our standard lead time is 3 weeks for most springs and 4 weeks for springs requiring plating or made from a material that we cannot have delivered on demand.

Midstate does in-house grinding, shot blasting, stress relief, passivation, custom packaging and color-coding.

Compression Springs:

Midstate manufactures compression springs in various shapes including straight, conical, barrel, hourglass, and magazine.

Our standard grinding tolerance is square to within 3 degrees, but we are capable of production grinding within .5 degrees when needed.

Compression Springs

Extension Springs:

Extension springs are available with various hooks and loops including English, Extended, German, and several specialty ends.

Extension Springs

Torsion Springs:

Our CNC machines and highly-trained technicians allow us to produce most torsion and double torsion springs without costly secondary operations.

Torsion Springs

Wire Forms and Retaining Rings:

Whatever your engineering imagination creates for your manufacturing solution, we can make. Take a peek in the Virtual Sample Box for a few examples.

Wire Forms


We inventory a variety of the following materials, and can work with many more:

High Carbon Steels Copper Alloys
- Music Wire - Beryllium Copper
- Oil Tempered MB - Spring Brass
- Hard Drawn MB Alloy Steels
- Galvanized Hard Drawn - Chrome Vanadium
Stainless Steels - Chrome Silicon
- Type 302/304 Low Carbon
- Type 316 - Bright Basic
- Type 17-7 - Galvanized Basic


We provide the following plating and finishing processes:

- Black Oxide - Cadmium - Chrome - Copper
- E-Coat - Electroless Nickel - Electropolish - Grinding
- Nickel - Passivation - Powder Coat - Shot Blast
- Stress Relief (Heat Treat) - Tin - Zinc - Zinc and Chromate