Our Services

Over time, Midstate has improved our service by listening to our customers' dreams and making them into realities- and we have no intention of stopping now. If you have an idea that would make your life easier, let us know. We may already have a similar system in place, or we can try create one specifically for you. Here are some of the general services we provide:

Customer Service:

When you make a commitment to Midstate, you will be assigned your own representative for your customer service needs. By having a dedicated contact, your unique needs will only need to be communicated once, and you will be provided with prompt and accurate information through whichever form of communication you prefer.

customer service boing


Tired of your inventory looking like that? With increased pressure to keep inventory costs low, Midstate offers several on-site or vendor managed inventory systems that help you reduce your inventory costs without affecting manufacturing. We offer consignment or Kan Ban, which we can discuss in greater detail if you contact us.


Special Packaging:

Midstate offers packaging options that will help with on-the-line use. We can color code parts to make them easier to identify, or add barcodes if your system has barcode integration. We have several anti-tangling options including tacky boards, springs in a tube, springs on wire, and small bag quantities. For large volume orders, we can ship entire palettes with returnable packaging that will save on freight costs.