Investment in Technology

Midstate's business model focuses on continually investing in new manufacturing technology. As a result, we are constantly finding new ways to automate production and remove costly manual operations. While our competition is using old manual machines that we have thrown out, we are automating more and more processes, enabling us to tighten our tolerances and increase our run times.


Here are three of our most substantial purchases over the last few years:

This machine is capable of cold forming wire as large as .437". While we have probes for dimensional monitoring on many machines, this machine uses imaging technology which provides real-time SPC data on the machine.

Visit the virtual sample box to watch this machine in action.

When we increased our wire capacity, we also purchased a state-of-the-art grinder for these much larger compression springs. As a result, we can automatically grind large springs faster, and with better accuracy than our competitors, who are often grinding by hand.



This machine is our latest purchase. It revolutionizes compression spring production by coiling and grinding springs in a single step.

Again, you can see this in action in the virtual sample box.


While these machines are on the cutting edge of modern spring manufacturing, we are not going to rest. Midstate is constantly looking for the right new technology that will make us as successful in the future as we have been since 1939.