The Last

We intend to exist in perpetuity. Our first focus is on business sustainability through understanding our customers and evolving alongside their needs. In less than a decade we have doubled our size, while many of our competitors have exited the market. To be the last great American springmaker, we must continue growing. Growth begins with 100% customer retention. We will take care of our customers.

Our formula for remaining relevant in an ever-changing market is continued investment in new technologies combined with expertise. Change is not our enemy, it is our opportunity.


Average performance will not lead to 100% customer retention. We must provide a superior Midstate Spring Experience with primary pillars of impeccable quality, 99% on-time delivery, responsive service, and competitive pricing.

Greatness is a journey rather than a destination and can be achieved only through continuous improvement and regular innovation. We employ career springmakers who develop knowledge and mastery that can only be achieved through experience.

American Springmaker

We produce custom springs and wire forms for original equipment manufacturers. Our 128,000 square foot manufacturing facility will remain in Syracuse, New York, our home since 1939.