We Make It Easy For Our Customers

Our entire experience is based around making everything as easy as possible for you. To do this, we work hard to understand what makes you unique as a customer. We mold to you rather than expecting you to mold to us.

We support 3 to 4 week lead times, and accept a third of our orders with less than standard lead time.

We deal with a variety of forecasts, inventory programs, and quality requirements—adaptability is one of our strengths.

We stock parts for our long-term partners, helping you save money and space.

We Give Maximum Attention at the Right Time

Costly delays can be prevented with a combination of anticipation and focused attention. We put all-hands-on-deck, resolving all challenges quickly and effectively while minimizing their impact. Examples include:

Expediting parts for unexpected demand- “I need these yesterday”

Resolving design issues- “Help, these are not working as expected”

Rapid turnaround of samples- “I need to test the new design”

24-hour quote turnaround-  “I need pricing as soon as possible”

We Minimize Distraction The Rest Of The Time

The four pillars of our customer experience are designed to save you time by eliminating follow-up and heading off time-consuming complications.


Quality and consistency

We make it right the first time, and make it the same every time.


99% on-time delivery

We ship on time, and communicate proactively in the rare event that we cannot.


Responsive service

We’re committed to a quick response time, following up with you, so you don’t have to follow up with us.


Competitive prices

We make every effort to reduce or hold pricing so you can reorder with ease.

We Focus On First-Time Quality

While prints tell part of the story, we push further to ensure that we understand your needs. Rather than dealing with design issues or questions at the time of order, we complete a spring design and manufacturability review of all parts at the time of quote, helping accelerate the resolution of design challenges. This process ensures that we are on the same page prior to the first manufacture.

We Believe In Partnership: B2B Is Still Person-To-Person

We have customer relationships that span decades, and we’re proud of it. We extend our trust first, and put in the work to achieve high-quality results so we can earn yours in return. Our focus is on 100% customer retention, and we take a long-term view: We would rather keep our promise than make a quick profit.